We are officially going to be open from the 30th of June.

HOWEVER, we are only opening 3 days a week, every TUESDAY-THURSDAY from 10 AM TO 4 PM

Trade Card are MANDATORY upon entry as always, please ensure you have them ready and show us at the door BEFORE entering.

If you do NOT have a trade card, please email sales@tnbl.eu with your ID and Certificate provided to set up one BEFORE making a visit.

We reserve the right to refuse entry.

At arrival

Please ensure that face masks/covers are worn.

Due to the limitation of entry and to avoid queuing, we are going to hand out number tickets and call them out for entry.

Please wait patiently in the car after collecting your ticket.

Do NOT knock or stand at the door as staff/couriers will need to enter and exit the shop.

To avoid everyone from waiting too long, we have limited shopping time to 30 minutes per customer.

We highly suggest that you make a shopping list for a quicker shopping experience, which will make it easier for yourself and others.

During your shopping experience:

Please be considerate of others and only pick up items you are going to purchase.

Hand sanitizers will be provided at entry (we reserve the right to refuse entry if you refuse to use it, this is for our staff and others health and safety)

You will notice that we have a one-way system in place.

Please follow the arrows located on the floor and keep a 2-metre distance between yourself and others. Signs are displayed around the shop for reminders.



We are hoping that everyone shopping at TNBL will have a safe and pleasant time.

Please be considerate and respectful to our staff who are trying to run the shop smoothly.

Thank you for everyone's understanding.

Stay safe!